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Electrical Panel Upgrades 

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Your electrical panel is the brain that fuels and controls your entire electrical grid. It is responsible for distributing the energy your home needs across the various circuits that need it and to ensure that none of these circuits are ever overloaded or dangerous. In the event of a problem, a breaker on your panel shuts off, keeping your home safe. However, it can only do this if it is in good repair and free from any defects. These defects form over time and that is why no electrical panel will last forever. At Walter B Choate HVAC & Electrical, we offer a full range of electrical panel services, including repairs and electrical panel upgrades that keep your home safe and stable as demand for electrical power increases.

Is It Time to Upgrade My Panel?

If your home electrical system is giving you any regular trouble, you may think you need to upgrade your panel. However, as panels age, they become more prone to flaws and a panel with a flaw could cause serious damage to your home without giving you any warning signs. That is why we recommend having your panel replaced entirely and upgraded to a modern system if it is more than 40 years old.

We also recommend upgrading your panel to ensure that your home has the electrical capacity it needs. We are more dependent on electrical power today than we ever have been before. Many high-voltage items exist and are now more common in homes. That means your panel needs to be capable of keeping up with this type of an electrical load and the best way to do this is to upgrade your panel completely. If you are looking to install a pool with electrical pumps, an electric vehicle charger or another high-voltage addition, call us to discuss your project.

Electrical Panel Repairs

If your panel is not working properly, you have a blown breaker or you are experiencing any other issue, we recommend you leave the job to a professional. Panels are potentially dangerous if mishandled. Our team will provide professional experience and training on which you can count to keep your property working smoothly. We handle everything from the largest jobs to the smallest and most routine repairs.

GE & Square D are the 2 types of panel boxes we use. 

Square D

The Gold Standard

For many decades, consulting engineers, contractors, home builders and distributors have recognized Square D products as the gold standard of predictable, high quality power distribution.
The Square D switchgear, breakers, transformers and control systems they specify and install are regarded by end users as the workhorses of the industry. Those who build, own, operate and maintain factories, commercial buildings and residential installations have come to trust the Square D brand as reliable, innovative, safe and efficient.

Great products are only part of the story. Today’s connected and digital world demands a level of expertise that understands how complex electrical systems integrate. At Schneider Electric, the goal for supporting the partners and end users who install and deploy Square D products is straightforward:
Innovate and simplify the connectivity of electrical distribution equipment to enable greater business efficiency.

GE Panel Boxes

As an authorized distributor, Bay Power carries a variety of GE panelboards, so whether you need a lighting or power distribution panelboard, new, used or reconditioned, we're sure we'll have exactly what you need.

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